Installation of SynergAir Eco Line Piping System

Installation of SynergAir Eco Line Piping System

15mm & 22mm Fittings

Fittings and pipe should be kept clean and undamaged before use.

Use a standard tube cutter.

DO NOT use a hacksaw. To avoid
damage to the O-ring remove burrs and sharp edges.

synergair ecoline installation

Push up to pipe stop

Pull to check secure. Test the system as specified in “SynergAir Installation test procedure” before using the system.

To disconnect, ensure the system is depressurized. Push the collet towards the fitting and remove the pipe. The fitting can be reused.

Recommended Installation of SynergAir

When installing a compressed air system, it is advisable to first attach only the horizontal pipe clips and only attach the clips to the vertical pipes after a small amount of pressure has been applied to the system. This will ensure that the vertical pipes have positioned themselves correctly before they are clipped.

Installation of SynergAir

Phase 1: System Without Pressure

Installation of SynergAir
Installation of SynergAir

28mm fittings also have a collet with stainless steel teeth and an O-Ring. After inserting the pipe, a screw cap is turned approx 1/4 turn. This locks the collet in place and reduces lateral and sideways movement of the pipe. To disconnect, turn the screw cap 1/4 turn, push in the collet and remove the pipe. The fitting and pipe can be reused.

synergair installation
Installation of SynergAir

On long pipe runs, it is advisable to install an expansion bend, as shown in the diagram.
Note: All compressed air systems should be equipped with an air line water
trap, we recommend our 8000-22-25WT Water Trap Tee for this purpose.

SynergAir Installation Check Procedure

1. Check that all compression and push-in connections have been properly completed and are fully engaged. 2. Insure that all wall mounting and hanging brackets are fixed securely. 3. Insure that an isolation valve is installed and closed between the compressed air supply and the pipework. A pressure gauge must be clearly visible from the isolation valve to allow for correct monitoring of the system during the system pressure test. 4. Insure that a safety relief valve is properly installed and is fully functional. (If a safety valve is not installed on the air receiver, one should be fitted within the piping system.) The safety valve must be set for a maximum operating pressure of 175psig. 5. Close all outlet points in the system.
Pressurizing the system
It is good/safe working practice to evacuate the entire working area before pressurizing a system. 6. Slowly open the main isolation valve while viewing the main pressure gauge in the pipework. 7. Allow the pressure in the system to increase to 1 BAR (14.5psig). CLOSE VALVE! Hold for 15 minutes. 8. Visually inspect the entire system for integrity, loose or slipping joints and leakage. If any faults are observed, depressurize the system completely and correct the problem. Repeat steps 6 through 8. If the system is secure, repeat steps 6 through 8 in 1 BAR (14.5psig) increments until the maximum required working pressure is achieved. NOTE: Maximum allowable working pressure for EcoLine is 12 BAR (175 psig). When using Eco-Line with other piping systems, do not exceed the maximum working pressure of the Eco-Line system, 12 BAR (175 psig.) 9. When full working pressure is achieved, hold the system pressure for duration of one hour. 10. Re-inspect the system for integrity, loose or slipping joints and leakage. 11. If any faults are observed, depressurize the system completely and correct the problem. Repeat the process beginning at step 6.

SynergAir is not liable for any user/installer not following these instructions correctly. It is totally the responsibility of the users/installers to install and operate a system in a safe and secure working condition.

Compressed Air Piping System

Working Temperature Range
Minimum working temperature -20°C (- 4°F), Maximum working temperature +60°C (+140°F). The above working temperatures apply to compressed air applications only.
Working Pressure
Maximum working pressure 175 psi (12 BAR)
Material Specification
The fittings are made up of three components:

  1. Bodies are produced in strong engineering plastic or in brass.
  2. ‘O’ Rings are nitrile rubber.
  3. Collets are produced in acetal copolymer with stainless steel teeth.

Tested in accordance to the requirements of AMSE 31.1, Tubing manufactured to ASTM standards for aluminum tubing.
These products are designed for use with compressed air, vacuum and inert gases. For other applications please contact SynergAir’s technical department.
SynergAir Installation Guide — Code of Practice
When installing a compressed air piping system it is recommended that reference be made to local “Approved Code of Practice — Safety of Pressure Systems”.
Installations — Our Recommendations
The pressure rating and installation guidelines of the EcoLine product must be employed during the design of a piping system. Pipe should be supported at a minimum 1.5 meters (59”) to prevent excessive load being applied to the fitting. Supports should be installed close to the fittings, but no more than 50mm (2”) from the end of the fitting. Eco-line tube and fittings should only be connected after the air receiver, after cooler or dryer and not direct to a compressor discharge outlet. It is a requirement that all pipe and fitting installations are pressure-tested after installation and before handing over to the final user.