SynergAir Eco Layout & Benefits

SynergAir Eco Line Layout & Benefits

The SynergAir Advantage is east to see. With its easy installation, flexible fittings 

The SynergAir Eco Line Layout & Benefits Starts With Installation Time! 

  • Installation time reduced by at least 75%
  • Safe, secure, leak-proof
  • Easy to alter or extend a system
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
    • No corrosion, reduced maintenance

Fast Install Time

SynergAir Advantage vs Other Systems

hard to thread steel

Threaded Steel Tube

• Time consuming installation
• Difficult process
• Needs high level of skill
• Requires special tooling and equipment
• Corrodes and leaks

pvc tube gluing

Solvent Welded PVC

• Long installation time
• Lengthy curing time for solvent to dry
• Failures common at high pressure/temperatures
• Not an industrial strength system

easy to connect pipe


• One simple movement provides a secure leak free system
• Zero corrosion
• System ready for immediate use after carrying out test procedure

Easy To Make Connection

Our push-in fitting has a collet (gripper) with stainless steel teeth
which holds the pipe firmly in position and an O-Ring to provide
a permanent leak proof seal.

SynergAir Eco Line Layout & Benefits


Stops are located at the following distances from the end of the fitting

Easy to Extend Steel System – The SynergAir Advantage

Our fittings and pipe can form a stand
alone system or be used to modify or
extend an existing steel system.

Extend any system SynergAir Eco Line Layout & Benefits

The SynergAir Eco-Line system is designed specifically for small automotive, residential and light industrial compressed air, inert gas and vacuum applications. The heart of the Eco-Line product is a high quality aluminum alloy tubing which provides a super efficient, lightweight, flexible and easy to install system. With the use of a standard tubing cutter any type of system can be installed. Whether it’s a simple straight run along a wall to the most complex of installations, Eco-Line will prove to be the easiest system in the market to use.

To support SynergAir’s high quality tubing, a comprehensive range of simple to use push connect fittings completes the lineup. As long as the tubing is deburred, simply push the tubing into the fitting and your connection is made and ready to use; “what could be easier”?